how do i fix this mess

• Apr 11, 2024 - 22:15

hi i just wanted to learn this classical piece and i thought it would help me to put it on musescore. but when i open the midi file in musescore it loads up as multiple staves when it needn't do that and only confuses me. is there a way to cause the program to load it correctly in two staves? and also with the proper placement of ledger notes?

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i tried that and it worked in part, but there are still confusions i have about it, it created new problems. like with that treble cleff at the end. why is that there? on the bass cleff? it just starts up with the treble cleff. why does this happen in the first place? isn't there a setting that can constrain the program to loading the midi file properly?
it also doesn't place the ledger notes in the way i want. like instead of on the ledger lines in the original sheet music it puts it differently. i don't know.

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In MuS 3.x there is a MIDI import panel where you can specify a lot of things. Among other things, whether a clef change is permitted or not. I don't know how it is in MuS 4.
But this treble clef in your example could also simply be deleted, although the Implode function has no problems with it.

Note: A MIDI file does not contain all the information that a music notation program needs for a nice display. For example, repetitions are rolled off.
MIDI is not the best format for importing music. Musicxml is better suited for this.

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