use of mouse to move score around without a modifier key is irritating

• Apr 9, 2024 - 21:29

when using a mouse or trackpad, clicking on the score puts you into "move / change zoom" modes. This can be irritating as it is a less common requirement than other uses of mouse/trackpad. It would be better for that function to require a combination of trackpad and shift, ctrl, alt or some combination of these keys.

if this would be of value, please let me know and I'll add to github list


+1 : It regularly catches me out. However, because some users are probably happy with this behaviour it might be best if there was an option switch in preferences.

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Sometimes it just happens that you catch a spot that is not free when moving. Then you move something unintentionally. In addition, most of the combinations with shift, ctrl and alt are already occupied.
You should get into the habit of using the mouse wheel to move vertically and Alt+mouse wheel to move horizontally. This leads to fewer accidents ...

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One of the benefits of having a "hover-over" color of the main element "to be selected" under the mouse would be to have visual cues if there will be an element selected upon clicking, and which element specifically. On second thought, it would also probably help with the very problem of accidentally dragging the score with that kind of visual feedback. For example:


I additionally have Score Accessibility information updated upon hovering so that I don't have to click anything to see element information or get page # if nothing is highlighted... Maybe something like that in the official Mu4 would be nice in the future

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