Muted notes

• Apr 9, 2024 - 20:05

It Would Be Nice if, when muting a note, there was some indication. Perhaps a small M appearing next to it.


or maybe a user defined colour in preferences would work. A small "m" indicates the middle finger for guitar picking.

A plugin could achieve either of these options.

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You wrote:
...I don't understand why this forum is called Feature Requests if I need to post it elsewhere...

Had your feature request been already available in MuseScore (or imminently to be featured in a new release), it is here where someone would likely inform you.
This way, it helps to keep the GitHub tracker from getting clogged with non-essentials.

Also, it is here where an idea for a feature can be fleshed out: like, for instance, can't you use the x notehead to show a muted note? With what instrument(s) are you concerned?
Any example as to how you envision your request?

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