Saving page settings

• Apr 8, 2024 - 21:10

Is it possible to save page settings--page size, staff spacing, margins--in Musescore 4? In Musescore 3.6.2? Either as a loadable file, the way one does style settings? or as program preferences?

Or must I set them anew for each new score?

Curiously, scores saved in 3.6.2 open up in 4 with the default page size as A4, even though I live in North America.


All these settings are part of the score and are saved in it. So if you open a score that has been saved for A4 paper, it will be formatted for A4.
Load a file with your preferred formatting and select Format -> Save Style. Later you can load this file for all other scores and save it again with your preferred settings.

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Well, yes . . . not.
Style files will save, and load, things like music and text fonts, preferences for measure numbering, etc. I use them all the time. They do not retain staff size or margins.
I fear that the file that opened up as A4 must have had the paper size altered accidentally. So ignore that.

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