How can I make fine zoom adjustments?

• Apr 8, 2024 - 18:40

I know about big zoom adjustments via Ctrl-+ and -, and about default fine adjustments via percentage, but I would like to be able to make fine adjustments via percentage for individual scores "on the fly."


(For MuS 3 prooved)
You can change the zoom precision under Preferences -> Canvas.
Higher values lead to smaller zoom changes.
The default settings of MuS 3 are:

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Yes, of course!
The zoom settings only change how big or small you see it on the screen and how much it changes with Ctrl + Plus/Minus.
This has absolutely no effect on how it looks when exporting to PDF or printing.
To do this, you have to adjust the scaling in the page settings.

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I have little interest in printing scores, but I would definitely value the ability to do something like a 10% increase in zoom via a SIMPLE change in page or other settings. I don't see it under Format/Page Settings. My impression is that I would have to make changes to a lot of elements, so many that it's just not worth the effort.

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You wrote:
I know about big zoom adjustments via Ctrl-+ and -, and about default fine adjustments via percentage
And cadiz1 told you about the usage of the mouse wheel while Ctrl is pressed.

I have only explained how you can adjust the coarse response for Ctrl+ and - by setting the 'Keyboard zoom precision' to a different value to make it finer, for example. The same applies to the zoom changes when using the mouse wheel if you change the value of 'Mouse zoom precision'. For example, if you increase the value from 6 to 10 (see my picture above), you will have to turn the mouse wheel more for the same zoom change.
This applies to handling within the program and not to a single score, it is simply a user interface setting.

Changing the scaling in Format -> Page settings will affect how much fits on a page by enlarging or reducing everything. And this is saved in the score and can be set differently for each score.

Perhaps I have not understood your request correctly.

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Thanks, this is enormously helpful. I had seen a "Scaling" section of Format/Page, but had been discouraged from experimenting with it by the heading "Staff space," which I perversely understood to mean that ONLY the staff spacing would be adjusted.

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Oh, I see. Yes, may be a bit confusing.
But "Staff Spacing", abbreviated to 'sp', is used in many places in the program as the basic unit for many (all?) types of distances. It refers to the line spacing of a staff (default 1sp), but even there you could set a different spacing. It is simply a different length unit ...

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To reinforce HildeK's explanation...
It is the spatium (sp) which is the unit of measure that is used by MuseScore. (Analogous to our use of inches/centimeters in real life)
So, when you visualize 1 sp as the distance between 2 staff lines, adjustable parameters like this:
are more easily envisaged.

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As I said before, this is enormously useful. But I disagree that "sp," as you describe it, is analogous to inches or centimeters, since "0.5in" is a fixed quantity, whereas "0.5sp" depends on the value of "sp," which I learned only today can be adjusted in the Scaling section of Format/Page. I think MS could use a "cheat sheet" dealing with FAQ kinds of issues. Surely the magnification of a score is one. I wanted to look into it because some of the scores I downloaded from MS were uncomfortably shrunken in comparison to those I produced with default settings. Thanks again, everyone, for your patient assistance.

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