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• Apr 8, 2024 - 17:16

How do I reduce the space between lines of music (staves)? I am writing an etude for horn. The first page has 12 lines and somehow the next page only 5 lines with lots of white space in between.


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Without opening the score to see (replying via my phone while away from my PC) I suggest leaving the vertical justification enabled, but instead adding a page break at the end of the 8th system. That should give you 8 systems on page 1 and 9 systems on page 2, leaving a space for a title on page 1 and giving you evenly spaced (i.e. vertically justified) systems on both pages

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I dislike the vertical justification. I always start by disabling vertical justification and reduce "Staff Distance", "Grand Staff Distance", "Min. System Distance", and "Max. System Distance". I only (VERY rarely!!!) turn vertical justification back on for things likely to be printed: an extreme rarity in my own work.

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Whether vertical justification is on or off, the OP's problem is having 12 systems on page 1 and 5 widely spaced systems on page 2. The way to get the spacing of systems more similar on page 1 and page 2 is to force a more equal number of systems on each page, i.e. 8 of 17 on page 1 and 9 of 17 on page 2. The vertical justification makes the distribution of systems within each page more even. If you like it uneven then turn off that option, but it won't make any difference to the number of systems on each page.

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