Changing fonts for all text

• Apr 8, 2024 - 13:18

Hey there - wondering if someone could enlighten me on how to change the font for everything, not having to click each subsection, title, subtitle, composer etc individually and change the font for each one? Essentially iw there a way to just change the default font for everything?

Many thanks!


Text styles are defined in Format -> Style -> Text styles (the last item on the list on the left). This will probably not work if you've manually changed (overridden) a font somewhere, so in this case you can try the Format -> Reset text style overrides command (careful as it could potentially reset more than what you want). Finally, another thing to try is to automatically select multiple texts by right-clicking a text you want to change (e.g. a Title) and then clicking Select -> Similar or Select -> More... on the context menu that will appear. Select -> Similar could potentially select more things than what you want so use Select -> More... instead to refine the selection. Once you have a good selection, use the Properties panel to change the font. Repeat for any other texts that were not processed previously.

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