In Hope of Anyone Else's Time Being Unfortunately Wasted

• Apr 6, 2024 - 21:30

I love MuseScore- the idea, the admireable work that has been done... not saying anything negative here. Rather just hope that no one spends too much time trying to publish their work and give proper credits to collaborators. I just spent 3 hours trying to name and upload my music. I do appreciate how much work there is to do. I really wish I could help.

Hope you do all the things that are important to do first. That may be other things than what I have been dealing with this morning.

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You have to remember that there are two (mostly!) unconnected websites. This one ( is about the application that you used--apparently successfully?--to create the score. The other ( is about publishing and sharing scores so created.

Complaining here is like shouting in the wind: no effect whatsoever. Complain over there ( It may not get you any better result, but there is at least a possibility of a better result. There is NO possibility of meaningful response here.

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Thank you. This is only for reporting bugs or making concisely worded requests?

I noticed that I was upset enough to not notice that my title is saying what I didn't want to say. I just hoped that no one else would feel shitty because they can't get the title and acknowledgements into the song and on the right side of the page etc. I really appreciate this program and the efforts being made to make it work. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

No wonder no one responded.

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No, this site ( is for discussion and assistance with the free Musescore application. The other site ( is where you would upload your score to publish it for others to hear and appreciate.

You had said something about having problems uploading your score, so I assumed that you were having problems with But if you're having problems getting the title and acknowledgements into the song, that's something that we can help with here.

As you are creating your new file, you may fill in blanks for "Title", "Composer", "Subtitle", "Lyricist", and "Copyright". If you do, they will be filled in as shown on the example file attached. If you do not, some of them fill in generic text and some just do not appear at all. (I don't know off the top of my head which of the five do what.)

Title Example.mscz

If you wish to add any of these later, you can just click on Add / Text and choose "Title" or any of the others from the menu. If the field you want to complete already has a value--whether one you created while setting up the file or a generic placeholder--simply double-click on it and you can edit the text.

While editing these fields, if you go to the Properties tab at the left, you'll see the text properties: font, Bold, Italic, size, etc. Some of the things you might want to do to text are under "Show More" at the bottom. Learn the Properties tab; you'll use it constantly!!!

You mentioned wanting to add "acknowledgements". That might mean Composer/Lyricist/Arranger/etc. But you might mean something else entirely. If you want to enter something entirely OTHER than these fields I've described, you can enter text ALMOST anywhere by using a Vertical Frame and/or a Text Frame. (Won't go into details at this point, but search the Handbook for frames and you'll find the info.)

This page shows a LOT of info about text in general. I'm not sure that it's up to date but, at first glance, most of it seems accurate.

If you need help with the application (but not with the website), ask. Everyone here is pleased to help if they can. Remember that we're all users just like you. We've just been using the program a little longer than you have :-) So be patient and don't get offended if someone seems like they're being sarcastic or rude or brusque. Just like anywhere on the InterTubes :-D It's much more likely that they simply didn't understand how they were coming across than that they are being rude, per se.

IF, on the other hand, you actually DO need help with the online website (, you'll have to go there for help. No one here can do anything for you there, though occasionally we know something about it, since some of us (not me, I'm afraid) are also users on that side as well.

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Again, thank you very much for responding. It's really helpful. I think there must be something up with the software because although I am able to change the title by simply clicking on it it doesn't seem to register and the rest of the program for example when I opened the project properties dialogue, I The changes that I made to the title were not reflected. I have to learn the different areas that the title shows up in but I just edited on "add" And all it does is put an extra box over top of what I already have. Could I have possibly put the title in the wrong box? There are two names crediting the composer. Last time I published to "unlisted" only my own name showed up. Also, the title that I first gave my piece showed up And not the new, corrected title.

There is another place in the pallets where you see the word text but nowhere does it talk about titles I think this is just specific to the actual music.

The other way that I can change a title name is to go to where I saved the score on my computer But this is also futile.

Also confusing is the fact that there is autosave and it seems to be shown as a product of that feature It says autosave (in brackets) I guess I feel a little unclear about how to save my work at different stages of completion. So, It would probably help to save a copy each time I work on a particular section. Haven't quite figured this out yet.

Was also going to ask you if the number of "undo"s is infinite then that means that no matter how many times I go back and forth changing things there will always be a record of what I did right? What happens when I save a copy? Are these changes still part of the file up to the last changes I made. When I get messed up for some reason or another I will go back using the undo feature and then at the point I have all of the parts that I like better again can I save them at that point and still move forward through the changes I made before going back to save the part s that I felt got lost. Not quite sure on how saving works. Once I did lose a couple days work because it just disappeared on me and there was no backup. I think I tried to publish it but it just didn't work in that moment.

Thank you very much for responding. I look forward to the day when I can do the same for others.

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But the edited title (and the other text elements I've described are not linked with the Project Properties. The score and Project Properties both get their info from the New Score dialog (as I described above), but they are NOT linked. If you change one, you must explicitly change the other

I believe (NOT sure!!!) that you can put a code of some kind into fields and it will pull info from Project Properties, but I don't know the details ... or even if that's actually a thing, that i didn't get a wrong idea somewhere. blush

As I also said above, there will be little to no help here on with uploading/publishing your score on It's not impossible, but it's also not likely.

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