Part Names - File Names: While Working or Exporting

• Apr 4, 2024 - 18:20

System Information:
OS: Windows 10 Version 2009 or later, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.2.1-240230937, revision: d757433

Problem Description:
After updating the updating the name and abbreviated name of all my instruments on the main score the names are of no use anywhere else. In MuseScore 3 we had a part name we could update but I can't find this anywhere in version 4, even at the time I'm adding my instruments. Once I create parts they all get assigned the hidden part name on the tabs at the top, on the part itself, and then it gets used on export to PDF, etc. I can manually update two of the 3 with a lot of manual effort. It would be nice to simply use the naming from the main score all over the place. It would be more to update a third entry for part name, so losing that from the interface is no big deal.

My favorite weirdness is that after renaming the Tuba in my main score to 'Part 5 - Tuba' the 'part name' that opens is 'Tuba (unspecified)'.

What I'm trying to do is arrange for a quintet and then have five parts ready for different instruments. Then based on who shows up we could pull parts from the export folder. I might as well call what I'm creating names like: 'Part 1 - Eb - Treble Clef' or 'Part 1 - Bb - Treble Clef', or 'Part 1 - Eb - Alto Clef' to make them non instrument specific, but where in fact I might be targeting, Alto Sax, Trumpet, and Alto Trombone. The key is having the same part available for the varied instruments so folks don't have to do all the work in their head as fun as that is at an evening rehearsal.

Thoughts on Solution:
1. Perhaps a mechanism (check box in settings) to select using the 'Name on part score' or 'Abbreviated name' or other name to be used in part creation. (I may need to look into what happens with 'Create new part' from the parts interface, but this again looks like it would be more unnecessary typing.
2. Perhaps a mechanism to define a file naming template for exports. Even adding some functionality so a little versioning information or a date could be added. Something where we add parameters like:
{Title} - {YYYY}/{MM}/{DD} - {PartNameScore}

But then the real question is, am I missing something in how I'm working? As I mentioned I can do a pile of manual updates, but I would love to work smarter and not harder.

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