BUG List

• Apr 4, 2024 - 18:03

Musescore 3 files opened in 4.2
1. Opens at 330% size - It might say 330% or 0% - I save it at 50 or 75% (see attached 1)
2. Often opens in Page mode when I save them in continuous mode
3. Bends don't work.
4. Bend profile doesn't show up in properties. (see attached 1)
5. Some of the instruments change so it sounds bad.

Musescore 4.3 original files.
1. I'm only using full bends but the bend lines tend to disappear. They play but I can't see, select, edit, or delete them. Closing and reopening the file is required and doesn't always bring back all of them. This is annoying.
2. Prebend doesn't seem to do anything
3. The loss of functionality to customize bends is disappointing. Can't add points or contour curve.
4. Basic functions or terms don't show up in Help (see attached 2)
5. When I close a file it often reports "Musescore quit unexpectedly"

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