Preferred method of input and workflow speed

• Apr 4, 2024 - 09:59

Is it numpad + keyboard letters, is it numpad+MIDI keyboard, or what do you generally use? I am about to start out writing a bit more seriously and would like to ask for an opinion what system I should get used to to make the workflow as fast as possible? With MIDI or just without? Thanks! :)


Decent computer keyboard (102/105 keys) using letters A thru G
NumPad for duration
Assign custom shortcuts (e.g. for beaming, zooming to whole page/page width view)

I started using computers when mice weren't common and navigation was by keyboard entry so my fingers know where to go without looking. By the same token, others prefer MIDI entry because they are used to playing a keyboard musical instrument.

I use right hand on number pad and left hand on alpha keyboard.

I often will ... not sure how to describe it ... 'approximate' durations on a first pass and correct them on a second. In particular, long series of dotted/halved notes. For example, enter dotted quarter/eighth as a string of quarters. Then go back through them entering just the dots on the appropriate notes. If the entry is eighth/dotted quarter, I tend to enter it as a string of eight notes. When I go back through it, I hit "5", then "." (period) on the beginning eighth note of the dotted quarter. Going through such a sequence twice is actually MUCH faster than switching back and forth between the two to go through it just once.

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When I copy a score, I usually enter the rhythm first only typing on the numkeypad then I return at the beginning of the score and input the height of the notes with a midi keyboard or the piano keyboard included in Musescore. It's the quickest for me.

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