Author and title aren't listed

• Apr 2, 2024 - 18:23

Hello everyone,

I don't understand the meaning behind the function "Author and title aren't listed".

Isn't there a way for MuseScore4 to take the "Composer" from the project settings directly (for my own compositions myself), why do these details (author and title) have to be entered again here in the MuseScore Catalog ?

Furthermore, I do not see any possibility to enter myself here. In older posts there was discussion of a button "This is my original composition" (which is also said not to have worked, see here:


Where can I enter the author for the MuseScore catalog?

Many thanks !


If you read the reply in that thread you linked to you will see that this ( the site that deals only with the notation editing software) is the wrong place to be asking about this. The right place is musescorecom (the site for score sharing) as explained in that reply.

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