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• Mar 31, 2024 - 19:13

I export Test_file to musicXML from V4. Open it on V3 as musicXML does not work. "'File Test_file.musicxml' is not a valid MusicXML file' "
What is going on???

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It seems that Mu4 is generating incorrect MusicXML:
Fatal error: line 20743 column 24 Content of element display-step does not match its type definition: String content is not listed in the enumeration facet..

... and this is the relevant portion of the MusicXML:


Previously reported on Github, referring to "... when (very) large y offsets are used on rests.":
[MU4 Issue] invalid MusicXML display-step and -octave on export of rest

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Try this one.

What I did:
MuS 3.7 evolution was able to open the file with an error message (see DanielR's post).
I created a new sheet with a drumset, pressed N for note entry and then "Edit Drumset".
There is an option to save (and load) the drum settings to a file.
Then I went back to your sheet and reloaded the drumset file I just saved.

Version 3.7. isn't necessary. You can do the same with 3.6.2.
If you open the file press 'Open anyway'.

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