Export to MIDI file incorrectly includes other instruments [MuseScore 4.2.1] - Solution Discovered

• Mar 29, 2024 - 19:44
  1. Attempting to export single instrument to MIDI. [see ExportSelection.png]
  2. Keyboard instrument renamed from Piano. [see Instruments.png]
  3. If an export to .pdf is selected, the result is correct. [see WCP_Anthem_Keyboard.pdf]
  4. If an export to .mp3 is selected, the result is correct. [not uploadable]
  5. In addition, export to .wav is also correct. [not considered for upload]
  6. However, the .mid version contains all of the instruments. [WCP_Anthem_Keyboard.mid]
  7. Given the inability to export only the Piano (aka Keyboard), a number of potential 'work-arounds' (without expectation of success) were attempted:

7a. Eliminated instruments from the mixer. [Mixer.png]
7b. Hidden non-keyboard instruments. [HideInstruments.png]
7c. Opened Keyboard Part to look for anomalies. [KeyboardPart.png]
7d. Invoked "Replace instrument" and reselected "Keyboards/Piano". [NotViewable]
7e. Sort of works... however, lost tempo changes, key signatures, time signatures and? [UntitledScore-Piano.mic]
7f. "Saved as..." the entire project and exported Keyboard to MIDI - does not work, all instruments are included in MIDI file. [SavedAsNewProject_Anthem.mid]

Any ideas? (Is this a bug?)




What was previously undetected for me, was the inclusion of chords in the MIDI file.

Solution: Create an additional Piano part WITHOUT chords. [Exported this file to MIDI.]

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