Is there a way to add a Bracket/Brace to Just One System and Not All Others?

• Mar 29, 2024 - 17:34

I have a lead sheet and I want to add a Bracket to Just One System so the repeat to is clearly seen. When I try to add a bracket, it adds brackets to all the systems. Is there a way to add it to just one?


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True. But I am looking to change the bracket on only 1 repeat barline, not all of them. For instance, I have an intro which has a repeat but I do not want the d.s. to go back to that. I am trying to make the beginning of the lead sheet, that also has a repeat sign, to stand out. I have tried brackets/braces and now repeat barlines but changing one on any of these, changes ALL of them. It is odd that I cannot change just one.

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I am getting more confused You now say you have a DS. That is a dal segno - go back to the sign. Perhaps you just want a double barline at the segno, or even a heavy double barline. They can be applied to individual barlines by selecting the barline in the score and clicking on the desired style of barline in the barline palette.

Perhaps a picture, even hand drawn, of what you want it to look like would help.

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This begins with an intro that has 2 bars that repeat and then it is never used again. So, I do not want heavy brackets or repeat carlines there, just simple, unadorned repeat markings. Then at bar 4, the song officially begins. This is where I want the larger, very noticeable repeat marking. As well as a clearly seen sengo. There are also internal repeats from bars18 - 22. I do not want these highlighted either, they are just played within the larger repeat. The BIG repeat is at the end of the first ending at bar 30. From there it returns to bar 4. I'm just trying to make this as easy as possible to read. I hope this helps to clarify what I am looking to do.

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To put it bluntly, that looks a mess! You have nested repeats which are not supported in standard musical notation. Music doesn't work like computer code with For/Next loops. You have a DS al fine in measure 30 and an end repeat in a first volta. The repeat seems to be supposed to correspond with the start repeat at the beginning of measure 4 where the segno is placed. If you want to go back to measure 4 either use a repeat or a DS but not both. The DS should only get taken after any repeats. It might make some sense if it was at the end of measure 34 for example. If it is in volta 1 it is meaningless as volta 1 only gets played before the section is repeated.and there is no fine. If you use DS al fine you are saying you want the playing to stop somewhere other than at the end of the last measure and that place is where you would put the fine marking. If you want it to end at the last measure you only need a DS. As an alternative to the nested repeated section, you can either write it out 3 times or use two repeat last 4 measure signs.

I think you need to find out how repeats, voltas, Dal Segnos etc. work. If you need help with that, come back and describe in words or pictures what order you want things to be played. Giving something like the current score to a group of musicians is likely to result in a car-crash of a performance, with some making repeats and some not, unless you are there in person to tell them what you actually want.

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" I have written material like this many times with no problems whatsoever"

Please don't brush aside the comments made by experienced users on this forum. Nested repeats are not supported in standard music notation (nor in MuseScore), so in that respect you are on your own.

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Hi, I was not brushing anyone off. I specifically thanked everyone for taking a look. And I understand about nested repeats. I have been writing charts for years and I use them all the time for lead sheets. It is not the most elegant solution but sometimes, it is the fastest one. I began the conversation just looking for a way to put a bracket on a single repeat to make it stand out from the nested repeat. That's all I want to do. I can do that in other notation programs but I have been loving Musescore so much these days, I just wanted to see if there was an easy way to do that. And I have found out that there is not. I completely appreciate this community and the forum. I have received amazing help and assistance here. I apologize if I seemed short.

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