AI writes songs, but human help is needed! Could you finish this tune?

• Mar 29, 2024 - 06:06

I tried which creates songs, given only lyrics and style. Some results are great (for English and German lyrics - e.g., this one ), many are not. One of the main issues is it often fails to end the song at the proper time and cuts it abruptly. It has an option to continue, but the second portion may have the same problem (when it is out of words, it repeats them or plays instrumental and is cut by time limit again).
Unfortunately, it does not create scores - only mp3 files. And my ability to transcript is zero :(
So, can you make a decent end for this song?
Just several piano notes needed! ;)
Or a more complex task - to finish this version: Still no more than a couple of measures needed, but more instruments are used.

Please send me the score in xml (not mscz!) for compatibility. Or send me a link to the complete mp3 ;)


"Unfortunately, it does not create scores - only mp3 files. And my ability to transcript is zero :("

Fortunately, the free MuseScore software will allow you to learn as you enter your music.

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If you cannot help, could you please just shut up and go away?!
Damn, how much I hate people like you. If you don't want to do what the topic starter asks for, just ignore the topic, is that so f*cking hard?! I wish you every time you need help, you will meet an arrogant asshole who will tell you to do it yourself! Especially when you need help from a doctor, police or firemen!
I will ignore any further comment from you, if any.

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And maybe the next time you call 911, an AI will answer the phone. Then you could explain that your AI driven car crashed into another one.

Will you call yourself the composer, if a computer writes the song? Will you use a computer-generated voice? Or will you sing it yourself, and then use Autotune to get you on pitch?

My own opinion: Reliance on the AI universe is a very bad thing. You may not have liked the answer, but if you want to make music, you should learn some. And be a nicer person, along the way.

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I was going to take a look at your song and offer some suggestions. However, after seeing what you wrote, I think I had better not. Surely, there are others who feel the same way. We will do as you say. We will shut up and go away. There's no need for you to respond with an invective infected missive towards us. We will not read it. We will simply ignore you. Let this be a learning lesson for you. To quote a line from the movie Airplane, "Chump don't want no help, chump don't get that help."

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Since you're ignoring us, you won't get this message. That's okay.

The thing is that neither MuseScore nor any other application is very good at translating actual sound files into scores. It's simply not within the realm of possibility at this time. Doing this is actually quite a bit harder than interpreting natural language due to the complexity of sound in music compared to the complexity of a single voice.

In other words, the best--and, with your rudeness and vulgarity, now probably ONLY--way to get what you want is to learn to transcribe and write the ending yourself. Which is, of course, exactly what underquark suggested. So you will undoubtedly insult and curse at me too.

You're welcome! :-)

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This is such an entertaining thread, because it is so meta!

Generative AI models work by auto-completing the user prompt.
And here the OP is essentially attempting the same by prompting a human forum.
He provides something which is unfinished and vague, and would like that to be completed by something finished and defined.
But he is not getting the kind of completion he hoped for.
He is getting a completion though.. which is "no way we are doing that".

With generative models, normally that means that either the prompt was not formulated correctly, or that the model (the humans) is not trained to provide that kind of ouput.
So, well, there seems to be a prompt engineering issue.

It is so entertaining that this whole gen ai thing is perhaps spilling into human interactions.
People prompting people.
But, weirdly enough, and again quite meta, even AI system produce more useful ouputs when prompted kindly. Putting a 'please' here and there when asking stuff off chatgpt apparently does raise the probability of getting a better answer by a few percen points.
Which is not entirely surprising becasue models are trained on human interactions, and humans are generally compelled by kindness, so the model is just mirroring human behaviour.

I never posted on the forum but I found this thread so mindbending that I could not keep myself from replying.

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Then, perhaps, the OP should have been on a composer forum. My feeling is that MuseScore forums are designed to help people learn how to use MuseScore. Not do their work for them. When the first response dared to suggest this, it was meant with an over the top rude answer. If this was some kind of social experiment, then the premise and any conclusions drawn are false.

So, it isn't that the prompt is incorrect. It's that this website is the wrong place to post it. Yes, there are some composers here. But probably most here are not composers, per say. And the rude response was so out of line. It doesn't seem real, either. To me, this thread is not very useful on any terms.

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No, it is not. Did you try to be funny? You failed.
Damn, what happened to the musescore community? Formerly, there were normal people who helped me with transcription several times. Now only a bunch of arrogant morons is left.
I unsubscribed. Keep entertain each other,

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