• Mar 28, 2024 - 20:16

I am an absolute, total beginner at percussion. Now that that's out of the way, a couple of questions:

Regarding the body percussion instruments, do I have to load any special library or anything to have them play back correctly? Can I combine them onto a single 5-line staff, rather than individual one-line staves?

For the drumset, is there a way to see the sounds available as you float your cursor up and down over the staff? Or naming them in that ribbon below the window? If not, is there a list that I can have in front of me, rather than returning to the Edit dialogue?


I'm in the same situation. I made a Percussion only score and entered two measures (so that my text would not extend into the next instrument) of each instrument on the Drumset. Then I added system text to each instrument that included the instrument name and the letter to type it. Sadly, it seems (tell me different ... please!) that not all the instruments have a letter code to enter them: for those you have to enter the letter above/below them in the order they appear in the list (not alphabetical order!) and then move the note up/down with the up/down arrow keys.

There is a sort of list of all the instruments below the text when you click into the Drumset score and hit "N" to enter input mode, but it shows only the "note" and the letter (for those that have letters). It doesn't show what instrument that particular note is.

Some of the notes/instruments only appear in Voice 1; others only in Voice 2. I haven't figured out how to deal with them at all.

Mostly I found some MIDI drum loops and imported them and modify them as I need. Somebody please tell me how to notate drums better. (I'll have to figure out how to "play" drums better on my own.)

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