simultaneous notes with different lengths

• Mar 28, 2024 - 15:09

I'm just beginning and though I can easily find most informations, I missed this one : how can I write a combination of notes that do not last the same length ? For intent a E that lasts 1 beat AND a B that lasts 3 beats played simultaneously on the same treeble key ? Each time I'm trying to add a note with a different length, it wipes out the previous one. I could write E and B on the same place only if they had same duration using keyboard Alt pressed.


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The normal keyboard shortcut is "N" for note entry.
If you click on the pencil (top left), you can select different input modes. Here is a picture from the manual:


Make sure you are using the default mode (step time).

Handbook page:…
and those special modes (e.g. insert), which only apply in very special cases:

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