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• Mar 28, 2024 - 14:44

Apologies if this is user error or has already been addressed, but I could not find a solution.

I am trying to export to a pdf with a custom page size. I want the output to be a single sheet for easier scrolling on a tablet, so I have changed the page settings to a custom size with width 8.5in and height 24in. This achieves what I want in the page view in MuseScore, but when I export to pdf, the file is 3 pages.


It works ok for me exporting from MuseScore v 4.2.1. and looking at the output in Adobe reader.

How are you exporting? You should use the Export function from the FIle menu. If you use a print to pdf virtual printer you would presumably need to set the page size there also.

How are you looking at the pdf? If I open it in Adobe reader and look in the file properties it reports 8.5in x 24 in. If I open the print dialogue the default setting is to scale the output to fit on a single sheet of whatever my printer is set to. If I print at actual size, my printer only prints one standard size page and truncates the rest. Perhaps a different pdf print app maintains the actual width but spills oversize pages onto further sheets.

Do you have page breaks in your score?

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I got what I needed by printing to pdf. Thank you for reminding me of that option.

But I am observing different functionality by exporting from the File menu. I am also using MuseScore Version 4.2.1 and opening in Adobe reader. When I look at document properties in Adobe, it says the page size is 8.50 x 11.00 in. PDF producer is Qt 5.15.9 and PDF Version is 1.4, in case that matters. No page breaks.

If you set up a specific page size under "Page settings" in MuseScore, it will also be expired to pdf on this size. If you want to print it, the printer will, provided it's appropriately set, scale to fit the page.

In your case, set the desired width and a height such that, in page view, the music fits on one page, I would call it toilet roll sizing😂🤣.

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Thank you for the response. Under Properties -> Score appearance -> Page settings, I changed the page size to custom and set the width at 8.50in and height to 24.00in. This does make everything appear on a single page in MuseScore and I expected the export feature to generate a pdf with these dimensions, but this is not what I observed. The pdf generated when I export is 3 pages, each 8.50 x 11.00in. Not sure why. Could be a bug or something silly that I'm missing. But printing to pdf did work, so probably not much value in figuring it out.

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