Integration of Third-Party VST Articulations on MuseScore

• Mar 27, 2024 - 18:46


I use MuseScore to compose orchestral pieces and I'm looking to integrate another orchestral library, notably Spitfire's BBCSO. My goal is to assign the correct articulations to a track containing various types of notes (legato, staccato, pizzicato, accented, tremolo, etc.).

I'm aware that it's possible to export my scores as MIDI or XML to Cubase, but this poses problems, including data loss and the complexity of articulation assignment.

More specifically, here are my questions:

Are there features or tricks in MuseScore to simplify the process of assigning articulations from third-party libraries like BBCSO?

Is there a plugin compatible with MuseScore, similar to NotePerformer (or what MuseScore offers with its own MuseSounds), that allows for easy integration of other orchestral libraries?

How can compositions created in MuseScore be exported to Cubase while preserving as much data as possible, including articulations and nuances (besides audio export)?

Thank you in advance for your help, advice, and suggestions!


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