One single bar that's short in "view" and MUCH larger music stave for children's worksheets?

• Mar 26, 2024 - 14:15

I am making worksheets for my students - am I able to shorten the “view" length of a bar? I know I can shorten the system to just one bar, but then it spreads that a bar out over the whole width of the page which just looks odd and not at all "pleasing" to the eye. I am thinking like you'd see on the ABRSM exam questions (pic below).

I also want to be able to have everything much larger in size and spaced more widely for those younger eyes… Note how the actual notes are also further apart and the music is REALLY large (in my second pic attached).

Is there an option for how to make everything big like this? This would also help for those with bad eyesight so I'm hoping this is a feature that they have accounted for.

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can offer. 🙏🏼

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You can use horizontal frames to separate the measures:…

And use "scaling" to make it bigger. (you change the "spacing" value).

But your attached image has confusing information. How can one note be a interval (like "augmented fifth")? An intervall is a relation between two notes. If this is an exersise, then it is not super-trivial. The augmented fifth of an G sharp, is a Ddoublesharp. Is this your intention?

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Thank you so much! I will check this out! 😃

No this was not my intention.

The inclusion of the screenshot was to only to display the type of layout I wanted i.e. to be able to have one bar showing an internal (whatever interval would suit my level of student), and then another interval or even a totally different type of question, (perhaps it would be "name this note" - whatever exercise suit my students) just shown on a one bar stave right alongside it.

None of my students are at this level of musicianship (this screenshot was taken directly from an ABRSM paper not even sure what grade I just clicked on any video that showed what "look" I was after) - I literally only pasted an image of the "layout style" I was after. I hope this is more clear. Sorry if it was confusing, and thank you so much for your kind help! It is very much appreciated.


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