Style page could be alphabetized

• Mar 25, 2024 - 18:02

Format > Style... goes to a long list of options. It would be nice if the list could be put into alphabetical order. Finding a particular item (particularly when the Handbook directs you) would be easier than scrolling through the list.


What about other languages?
Would result in a different order depeding on translation, not good, has been discussed numerous times and dismissed

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Yes that has been dismissed by some contributors.
Is it really bad that users asking for alphabetical order get a different one by language ?
No, absolutely not.
Especially if that is an explicit choice from the user.
Let's take another example where alphabetical order has been requested and denied : instrument list. You can filter that list right ? And that filter is language dependent ? Then how is the language dependent possibility to order bad and the language dependent possibility to filter good?

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And just how could you alphabetize an instrument list? And which one? The list in the Instruments palette is in orchestral order. The add instrument lists are grouped by family. There are 15 different flute instruments. The names start with all kinds of different letters. And are grouped in order by size. If you alphabetize the flutes, they end up all over the place. Then there are the lists in the mixer. Also grouped by family. What name would you go by for Horn? French Horn? F Horn? Horn in F? All are correct. Same with Bb Clarinet.

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I have to apologize. Lists are not alphabetized in Finale. I guess I'm so used to finding what I need, I never noticed. The only one that really bothers me in MS is the Format > Style, because the list is so long.

Dope slap self-administered.

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No need. Again, I'm not saying it's a bad idea. Just wondering how important it is. I get it. I have family members who like everything in order. Just so. I confess to not really using the Style settings. Most things I need to adjust are in the properties tab. And then, not very often. Besides, this would move Volta to the end of the list and only reachable by scrolling. Come to think of it, that would be fine by me. I've been reading and writing music for some 60 years. I have music education degree. Until I started using MuseScore a few years ago, I'd never heard of the term Volta. I'd be just as happy not to see it. Which is part of what I mean when I say not everyone uses the same terminology.

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