M-Audio Keystation 49E and MuseScore 4 and Note recording

• Mar 25, 2024 - 11:19


Is M-Audio Keystation 49E not compatible with MuseScore 4? It is an older keyboard and although it does show up in I/O inputs it does not seem to detect anything when I press the keys. I had seen some info that it may not work in newer OS. If so what is another alternative you recommend and is it possible to record notes in near real time with USB connected keyboard?




I am using an M-Audio Keystation 49ES MKIII just fine with the latest Musescore on windows 11. I don't know about "E" though, so I guess that's not much help. I don't think recording in real time, ala a DAW, is possible, but I am not an expert. I wish that is were though. You may even find significant audio lag using a midi keyboard and Musesounds (or other VST sounds) when just trying to input notes... so be aware of that. Using the soundfonts performs better in that respect.

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