Film scoring from musescore

• Mar 25, 2024 - 02:43

Hello, I'm Sebastian, I've been using musescore for a long time and I've always had the need to synchronize music and video for film commissions and the like.
But I've always done it from reaper and then export midi to musescore to generate the score.
If musescore allowed me to synchronize the music and video from the score,,, this would save me a lot of work and time and the software as such would gain much more popularity.

I don't know if there is any way anymore. Even if it is paid to be able to do this.

Hola , soy Sebastian, hace tiempo que uso musescore y siempre he tenido la nescesidad, de sincronizar musica y video por encargos de peliculas y similares.
Pero siempre lo he hecho desde reaper y luego exporto midi a musescore para generar la partitura.
Si musescore me permitiese sincronizar la musica y el video desde la partitura ,,, esto me ahorraría mucho trabajo y tiempo y el software como tal ganaría mucha mas popularidad.

no se si ya exsista alguna forma. asi sea de pago para poder hacer esto.


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