Brass and Woodwinds Awkwardly Cut-Off at the End of Notes

• Mar 24, 2024 - 23:32

I've just recently encountered a problem with MuseSounds.
Brass and Woodwinds have a very awkward cut-off when the notes end. It sounds like the program cuts off the sound instead of the player naturally letting go of a note. It causes rests or runs to sound very unnatural.
I'm not having this problem on strings, and I don't know how to recreate the issue. I've tried uninstalling MuseScore and MuseSounds to no avail.
You can hear the difference here:

I would appreciate any help you can give, thanks!


We need your score. All we can tell from this is that the flute has no reverb and the strings do.
Don't waste time on re-install.

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Yes, since it happens with none of our scores, it could well be some specific setting you use that we don't, and seeing one of your scores would help us ascertain that. Or it could turn out to be an issue with the communication with your audio device or something else system-specific rather than score-specific. So you could of course send over your system for us to check out, but attaching a score would be a simpler way to make that initial determination :-)

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