• Mar 24, 2024 - 07:59

I signed up to "Mastering Musescore4 Course" last month. Paid first sub on 26Feb24.
I have been using it a lot since then but now Suddenly on Sunday 24 Mar 2024, I do not
have access to any of the Musescore4 Membership benefits, as if my membership has
just been cancelled.

All the parts of the course I had action and marked completed have disappeared and I
am currently locked out of continuing this course. Can you help?


You are at the support forum for the free MuseScore notation software - which is available from here:

For issues related to the "Mastering Musescore4 Course" you will have to access (and navigate through) a different website, so see:

When (out of frustration) you give up on finding support there, try here:

Good luck!!

Don't give up on this subscription. Marc Sabatella runs Outside Shore Music and Mastering MuseScore:

Notice the recent announcement on that web page:
""Most of my resources have moved to my new site, the Outside Shore Music community. So please join us over there!"

Marc is normally very good at replying to queries, but shifting everything to a new website has probably caused him a temporary "overload".

Hello, and sorry to hear you are having trouble! Normally I'd say, if you are having access problems on my website, use the DM feature to message me directly, but if you're locked out of that as well, you can always contact me by email - marc@outsideshore.com. FWIW, I've had that same email for almost 30 years now, so I definitely don't worry about keeping it secret :-)

Anyhow, your membership seems active as far as I can tell, your access to Mastering MuseScore 4 seems intact, and your course progress seems working normally (it shows which lessons you have completed, etc).

Is it possible you simply logged out and need to log back in? If so, use the "Log in" button at top right of the course - or any other page of the site.

In case you have lost it, the direct link to the course is https://community.outsideshore.com/c/musescore4

If you continue to have problems, please don't hesitate to email me!

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