Online File Didn't Save Correctly Help!

• Mar 24, 2024 - 06:07

I finished an online score yesterday and I know for a fact that I saved it when I finished. I came on today to check something and a whole day's work is gone! Is there any way that a backup file was saved online when I pressed save yesterday? Again, I know I did save this file before logging off, I pressed save like 5 times in a row.
I worked really hard on this and I really hope I can fix this because I am not doing the rest all over again.

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  1. Please don't rely on just saving online. Always save also to your own computer.
  2. As regards your online file, the URL is shown File > Project properties > Source:
    But following that link gives the "File not found" error, so the online version is well and truly gone.
  3. Either the online save failed to complete, or you accidentally deleted the online version when looking at it online.
  4. There are no backup files online, but you have a chance of finding a backup on your own computer.
  5. On your own computer, look in the folder defined in Edit > Preferences > Folders > Scores
  6. Make sure that you can see the folder .mscbackup which is hidden by default. Use your computer operating system to reveal hidden files and folders. On Windows, use File Explorer with View > Hidden items > enable checkbox.
  7. Make sure that Autosave is turned on : Edit > Preferences > Save & publish > Autosave every ... minutes > enable checkbox
  8. Your cloud scores may be saved locally on your computer. See this post in another thread:

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