lyrics above and below staff

• Mar 23, 2024 - 21:33

Can I determine which lyrics are placed above or below the staff? I have a measure with a whole note in voice one, and eighth notes in voice two. I can enter the voice 2 lyrics below the staff (once I figured out how...) and they properly attached to the voice 2 notes. Now, I want to enter a single lyric on the voice 1 note, above the staff. But I don't seem to have that option. When I Above in Format > Lyrics, it moves all of the lyrics up.

My final aim is to have voice 1 and voice 2 in each of two staves (one treble and one bass) but to have control of lyric baselines for all four lines. This is necessary for barbershop, and many, many choral scores. Can MS4 do it, or am I wasting my time?

EDIT: Problem solved by a great post by DanielR in another subforum. Can I delete this post?


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