Crossheads in Notes?

• Mar 23, 2024 - 14:13

Hallo guys.
I found this in the handbook (guitar):
Crosshead/Ghost notes
To change a fret mark to a crosshead/ghost note:
Select one or more fret marks (in normal mode).
Press Shift+X to toggles ghost noteheads on/off.

But - If I have a double system (notes and tabs) my crossheads in TABs don't change in the notes.
How can I do this ?
Is my version too old ? (Mac 3.6.2)

Thank you very much for an answer,
Greetings from Freiburg,


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Your version 3.6.2 is not at fault. The Shift + X shortcut only applies to TAB staves.
If you want the same display in both staves, select the fret numbers in the TAB staff (or the notes in the standard staff) and simply click on the 2nd symbol (the cross) in the "Noteheads" palette

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