Strings playback

• Mar 22, 2024 - 18:44

Hey there! I see a lot of people demanding far too much of a free-to-use complicated software developed by intelligent people who are doing their best, so I'll try not to be over expectant. I am writing a piece in which there are strings and vibraphone. The strings' attack are always behind the vibraphone, which, I think, has to do with how the playback of the strings would be abrasive if their attack was as percussive as the vibraphone. Is there any way to make them more in sink? Thank you so much!


Please post a page of your score. So we can work with it. However, it might be unrealistic to expect two such radically different sounds and attacks to work together. You might try turning off or down, the reverb on the strings. Also, Stings 1 and strings 2 do not refer to desks. Strings (or solo) 1 is a more expressive style. So maybe 2 might work better.

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