Unable to upload any scores to Musescore.com

• Mar 22, 2024 - 00:40

Hi, I recently have been completely unable to upload scores to Musescore.com from the Musescore 4 app.
It usually works without problem, but for some reason every time I try uploading it, it just tells me the score is being processed. I have tried to upload the score multiple times in the past 48h to no avail, the upload does not end. I have no idea whether this is a Musescore.com problem or Musescore.org one, but I have been unable to find support on Musescore.com and find it extremely difficult to find where to contact help at all. I have attached the file I am trying to upload for reference (in case it might be a problem from within the file itself.

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Valse fiévreuse.mscz 71.89 KB


The same thing is happening to me. If you wait a few days it should process, but I'm not sure why this is happening. It used to take a few minutes to upload a score, but this new score I've been trying to upload has been processing for the past 5 hours now. When I click to edit the score it's like there is no file there; it just says " .mcsz", and I've tried replacing it with the same score file again to no avail. This happens whether you upload from the app or the website, unprivate a score that was saved to the cloud, or upload a new .mcsz file from your computer as far as I know. The same goes for scores I have uploaded privately; they recently have been taking hours and usually days to become accessible. Again, not sure why this happens because it used to be fine. They may just be backed up or something - I don't really know how it works - but it looks like a similar thing happened a few years ago. I am using Musescore 4.0.2, the latest patch.

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