Watermark unavailable

• Mar 21, 2024 - 07:46

Hello from South Korea.
I exported my file to PDF file, resolution for 360dpi. However, our distributor says that they can't add watermark in the file for security. Other sheet music app like NWC is well functioned.
This problem occurred after updated musescore to ver.4
How can I fix this?

uploading 3 samples and file related to this problem


I am able to add a watermark in your file 'Sample 1(Problem, Musescore 4).pdf'.
I therefore assume that this is not a MuseScore problem, but a problem with the handling of your distributor.
(I have only attached page 1)

Edit: This cannot be done in MuseScore itself, but must be done in a PDF editor.

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Sample 1(Problem, Musescore 4)-2.pdf 147.2 KB

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