How to delete imported PDF scores on MuseScore 4

• Mar 21, 2024 - 03:42

I am trying to make a copy of my music so I saved the original sheet as a PDF file and imported the PDF onto a new score, however I cannot figure out how to delete the imported score of my music. It is not a cloud save so I can't remove it in the MuseScore folder so what do I do?

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Only the list of recently used files is displayed here. These are only links, not the scores themselves. They are still in your score folder. Unfortunately, MuseScore does not (yet?) support the deletion of a single entry in this link list. However, you can delete all entries by using "File -> Open Recent -> Clear Recent Files". Then all links will be deleted, but not the files! You can still open them with "File -> Open" and this list will be filled again.

The file itself must be deleted using Windows Explorer, for example. Navigate to /Documents/MuseScore4/Scores. You will find them there if you did not select a different folder when saving.

Alternatively, you can edit the file recent_files.json with a text editor and delete the unwanted lines there.
The storage location in Windows is: C:\Users\{your user name}\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore4\recent_files.json

Or you can also simply ignore it. Every time you open another score, a link to this file is added at the top. The existing entries are therefore moved to the back.
Of course, if you delete a score with the Windwos Explorer, you cannot open it anymore but it will still remain in this list and lead to a error message if you try to open it out of this list.

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