No sound to the interface

• Mar 21, 2024 - 00:30

I was never able to get my UMC 1820 Behringer interface to work with Musescore and I've tried seemingly everything.
Could anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong in the configuration?
In the attached file I&O1 you can see I chose MME under API because it was the only one that displayed several UMC options under Device.
There is no UMC option under API: see file I&O2. And if I chose API: ASIO then I only have one UMC option under Device, plz see file I&O3.
So back to API: MME where I get all the available options under Device: plz see I&O4
Here I tried out all the UMC Out options (under Device) one by one and nothing produces a playback.
Tried to restart MuseScore after Apply/OK.
Win10 64bit Pro. The UMC works fine with Sibelius and my DAW
Can anyone help?

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Side note:
Correction. It's not true it never worked before. I remembered incorrectly. Subsequently to asking the question, I remembered that it did use to work actually.

This continues to remain a mistery. In a different day it works (MuseScore produces sound out of the interface) with the exact same settings shown in the first file (MuseScore_I&O1.png). Other times it doesn't.
It is hard to use a software that one day works, one day doesn't, for no apparent reason.

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