Bends Down, Standard notation, Guitar appearing RED color

• Mar 20, 2024 - 20:46

I wonder why my bends appears in red (not the note, but the bend line itself)
It happens only bending downward.


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See Edit > Preferences > Note input and disable "Colour guitar bends outside of playable range".
If you are sure that's what you want.

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Don't think that's it. The red-colored bends in the screenshot are not affected by that setting.

I had thought that it was only down-bends, but see the third measure in my screenshot.

The "Pre-bend" does not appear to have any effect on playback (???). The "Customize bend" box appears in its Properties, but cannot be modified. The others all can be customized and affect playback. However, the "Slight bend" only bends UP.

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