Syllable becomes left justified after pressing hyphen twice

• Mar 20, 2024 - 07:32

Two hyphens after a syllable aligns that syllable to the left causing alignment issues when there are multiple verses.

To Reproduce
1. Make a new score and add three quarter notes one after the other to the first measure.
2. Add a lyric syllable to the first note and press the hyphen key twice (like you’re going to finish the word on the third note).
3. See error: alignment of syllable before dash is set to “align left”.

The attached screenshots illustrate the issue in real world situations—Christmas hymns. Notice how the hyphenated syllables negatively affect alignment.

Can anyone explain for what purpose this occurs, or if it is just a bug. Should the syllables not be centered, like every other syllable is?

Attachment Size
The First Noel.png 121.04 KB
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear.JPG 86.48 KB


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