MuseScore 3 and 4 both crash when I try to open this particular file

• Mar 18, 2024 - 23:07

I completed an arrangement last night, saved, and went to bed. This morning, I emailed a copy of this file to myself so that I could open it from my work computer and print parts.

Opening this file from my work computer crashes MuseScore3 (which is what I primarily work from, because of MDL) as well as crashes MuseScore4 when I tried to open in with that. I got home after work and have tried every solution I've seen in the forums and still no wins.

What I have tried so far in both MS3 and MS4:
1. Closing and Reopening the program(s)
2. Opening the problematic file once another score was already loaded and working
3. Updating to the latest MS4
4. Uninstalling and re-installing MS3
5. Creating a zip file, emailing that to myself, and extracting the file from there, then opening that new file in with both MS3 and MS4.
6. Looked in Application Support for back-up versions, but there are none for this file as I did successfully save it when I finished. (or so I had thought...)

What I have seen is something about opening a file "without excerpts", but I didn't find enough context to understand this.

Can anyone help? This file is a solid two days of work for me and I'd love to find a way around trying to recreate it from scratch.


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