Work Lost - Error Closing MU4

• Mar 18, 2024 - 16:21


I'm using OS: macOS 13.6, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.2.1-240230937, revision: d757433

This has been happening often: I work on a score, and when I close it get an error message that says something like, "Musescore quit unexpectedly." Then I get an option for "OK" or "Reopen."

Am looking at a score I worked on last night, and a whole bunch of edits that were made are gone. Just gone. And I can't find a version/file of it with the edits. I cmd+s to save work constantly, a reflex from MU1 when it used to crash frequently. (I even cmd+s in other apps, and even when browsing the is that engrained!)

I was suspicious this was happening, as I would see things that I knew I changed on other scores that also seemed to vanish, but now I'm sure I've lost work over the past couple of weeks.

I'm not sure if there's a pattern to recreate the problem, but will pay attention. I usually have more than one score open, and after saving, close one with cmd+w to close that window.

-Is there anywhere I can look on my computer to find a version with those edits?
-What can I do to make sure this doesn't happen again?




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For anyone else experiencing this, this might be a solution. Seems to work:

-Save MU 4.2 files as MusicXML.
-Download the older version of Musescore, MU 4.1 -
-Delete MU4.2
-Open the MusicXML files in MU 4.1

Have only tried this a few times to quickly test, but about to start working and will post here if any problems arise.



Does anyone have a decent workaround for this? Constantly save and quit, then reopen so if work gets lost there's not too much to redo?

I'm looking at other scores for this same project and this has been happening without me realizing, and there's no way I'm going to be able to remember or notice all of the changes that have been lost. Missing a deadline and pay day, after spending tons of hours. Had I known, would have started learning another program years ago.

Love MU, have been here since v1. It is incredible, and the spirit and motivation behind it even existing are as good as it gets. Lots of people spending tons of time and resources to make something for free so people can learn and practice.

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I save versions, but that doesn't make a difference if the work isn't being saved anyway. Trying to find a way to not lose the work when closing MU. Someone recommended saving as MusicXML file before closing, going to start doing that.

Seems like it's happening pretty much every time now. Have also noticed that MU is VERY slow, which it wasn't before. Saving, showing/hiding instruments, quitting - usually result in the "spinning wheel" before action happens. This wasn't happening before.

  • Should I uninstall and then reinstall MU?

Attached is the crash report.


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MU-QuitUnexpectedly-CrashReport.pdf 148.43 KB

I share your enthusiasm and your disappointment. Can't even get copy/paste to work. Saved to cloud and lost a few hours work. All I see is a thumbnail of what I was working on. Haven't been able to hook up my c150 Yamaha keyboard to my 2015 Macbook Pro and since downloading MuseHub etc. I can no longer download Garageband which tells me there is an e-licenser problem.. file sync isn't working... Not the plague but I wonder what the problem is? Are we really that far out on a limb or hanging all our hopes on this electronic stuff that it's kind of silly? Maybe have to head over to Simply.

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