Transpose problem in musescore 4

• Mar 18, 2024 - 13:15

Hello ! Does anyone have a clue why it does not work to transpose? It changed key from D- to F but not the actual chords. Some text in the toolbar becomes grey( not active)
Is a reinstallation advisable?
Grateful for an idea


If you by "D-" means D minor, what do you mean when you say you "changed key"? D minor and F (major) have the same key signature (two flats).

What did you actually do? What happened? And what had you expected to happen instead?

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You say you have ticked the 'Transpose chord symbols' option in the transpose dialog, so click on one of the un-transposed chord symbols and look in the Status Bar (located at the bottom left of the screen) to see if it reads as 'Chord symbol'.
Perhaps the chord symbols were added as regular text, and not having used Ctrl+K when entered. Regular text does not transpose.

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