Where did my score disappear to.

• Mar 17, 2024 - 21:08

It was on my computer... after sitting for a while, the sound wasn't working any more so I thought i would close it out and reset Musescore by closing it also. When I open it back up again, it tells me my score is invalid?

I could see a thumbnail but can not pull it up.


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I created a score and then left it open on my MacBook Pro and when I came back to it much later the sound wouldn't work when I pressed play. Previous to this moment I had a problem tying a cluster chord to the next bar where an additional string of notes was played. I couldn't even write the chordI in the next bar. I also tried using sustain pedal markings to extend the sound of one bar to the next but that didn't sound very good for some reason. Lastly, I thought maybe I should close the score out and Open it up again and then it asked me if I want to save to the cloud or onto my computer. Last time I saved things to my computer. This time I was going to do both my computer and online but when I chose save online first and I saw none of the usual progress bar that shows the item being uploaded – I just didn't see it and it was a fairly large file: at least three pages of music. Now I can only see a thumbnail of the first page of the score and then a little icon that looks like a cloud in blue.. When I hovered over it "download score" shows up but I get the invalid file message or invalid score when I click on it. I just don't know how it could have disappeared when I chose save to cloud. What happened to my music?

Thanks in advance,


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