Never really sure a change of page, style and other changes are affecting just a specific part, all parts or also the score

• Mar 17, 2024 - 18:33

I've just been faced with two annoying features or maybe bugs.

1) Show or hide empty staves

In the piece I'm engraving I obviously don't want to show empty staves in the score, so I tick it off. Now, when working on the harp part, I need the empty staves and realised they were set to not visible. Fine, that was a quick fix, but what surprised me a lot, was that this selection was then als active when I switched back to the score view. Shouldn't settings made in part view be independent from settings made for the score view? For me, this is a bug. If this is a "unintended design feature" it is really bad because it means that when you Publish/export, you need to know exactly what you want to have for the score and the parts. With my 38 instruments/parts plus score more or less impossible if you don't export them one by one and check the setting versus a list or something you have to keep up-to-date separately.

2) Part versus pdf output formatting
The formatting in part view is not necessarily what you get when you Publish/export the part as pdf. This is another annoying artefact when you spend quite some time to format the Harp 2 part view as you want and you get something completely different when Publish/export to pdf. For me, this is also a bug

I attach the MS file such that you can check for yourself.

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