Violins sound like shit

• Mar 17, 2024 - 15:15

I have tried with many different sheets that already existed, and had been played in real life before, in which the sounded great, but in musesocre it sounds weird and some notes dont even play sometimes.
This happens specially with Pianos.

Note: It isnt letting me upload the file with the issue, so i created a yt video so yall can see.


What sh*t sounds like that? I don't think that it can be human. In any case I would expect that any violins "played in real life" by a decent violinist would sound great: it's hard to capture that live feeling in a recording or synthesised sound.

Yes, solo Violin 1 sounds is tragedy.
Violin 2 solo sounds much better, than Violin 1 solo.
But still not wery good.

Section violins are more usable.

For solo violins I still use old MSBasic sounds.

Seems to me that MU4 is doing just what you told it. It plays the first note loud and all the others soft. Too soft? Use a different dynamic.
Where you trying to upload an mp3 (you can't unless you zip it) or an mscz?

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