Lock Selected Measure to Screen - Stop Score from Jumping Around?

• Mar 15, 2024 - 16:19


Is there a way to prevent MU from "jumping around/moving" when editing?

For example, I'm working on a particular measure and have an element selected in that measure, or several vertical measures selected. I hide or show another part in the score and suddenly the score has moved (sometimes leaving just the black space since the score has moved way to the left of screen) and I have to find where I was again. Does the same thing with other actions, too, like moving a part up an octave.

Is there a way to stop this?

Is it possible to keep the score focused on the screen where it is, without it jumping around? Have tried different views, selecting/de-selecting pan score automatically, etc.

I made a screen recording of it, but can't attach here. So, attached are some before and after.


Attachment Size
MU-Jump-Before.png 402.3 KB
MU-Jump-After.png 254.63 KB


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Seabass: it looks like you have nine staves in your piece. When you select a single measure and (for example) hide all but one of the staves ("hide empty staves within systems"? or how?), your selected measure "disappears". Is this what you are describing?

If so, it's because showing and hiding staves makes the entire piece re-paginate. You should be able to simply press the left or right arrow to move between notes and it will display where the cursor is currently.

If you mean that you are hiding and/or showing in some other fashion, you'll have to describe what you're doing in more detail.

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