Kontakt 7.8.1 Incompatibility Notice (macOS)

• Mar 15, 2024 - 15:58

Hi everyone,

If you're on macOS and you use the audio plugins Kontakt or Kontakt Player by Native Instruments, we advise that you do not update these plugins to version 7.8.1, as this version is known to crash MuseScore 4 on macOS.

We believe the crash is caused by an incompatibility in the Qt libraries both applications use to render user interfaces. We’re in touch with developers at Native Instruments, and they are preparing an update for Kontakt and Kontakt Player that may resolve the problem.

We'll update this post when we have more information.

Many thanks,
MuseScore Team


Is this true for Windows 11 as well? Unable to load kontakt portable for some reason.
Edit: it just takes MSCZ 15 minutes to boot up an instance of kontakt for the first time.
Any ideas why?

I am new to using both musescore (freshly downloaded and up to date) and Kontakt however this seems like it is still happening (at least to me) on version 7.10.1. If any solution has been found I would really love to know. I tried looking through the github info but I am struggling to make sense of it at a new user.

Any help or advice would be appreciated

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