Voice Filter Keyboard Shortcut

• Mar 15, 2024 - 15:24

It would be a big time savings for me to be able to filter voices in a selected range (or current staff) by keyboard shortcut rather than grab the mouse and de-select the appropriate voice(s) in the Selection Filter panel.

Hopefully the 2 screenshots explain the request, as I am wanting to use a keyboard shortcut to select Voice 1 instead of disabling Voice 2 in the panel.

Thanks for reading.

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Might consider making a Github suggestion for the Mu4 dev team.
Then again, this is an obvious usability case that could've been performed over the past 15 years but never was, so you never know what kind of priority it will be given. Worth a shot I suppose. Fwiw, I had to "roll my own" for 3.x, and it definitely is a big time saver.

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