How fix low and slow playback?

• Mar 13, 2024 - 19:02

Playback is very slow (ignoring both metronome markings and 120 default) and chords play an octave (2?) lower than I expect. I've looked at documentation and settings but don't see how my settings are wrong? File (created in 4.2.1 for Windows) attached; your help welcome! Thank you.

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No problem when I play the score. Tempo is changing and the piano chord sound is set to soft piano. To me it sounds that just has a bit more volume on the low/bass note of the chord.

If you want to remove the low note, you can use the "Realize chord symbols" option to create actual notes from the chords (in a separate instrument staff) and then remove the low note.

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Amazing; thank you. I exported the audio from MuseScore to MP3 and it sounds fine, but then I went to play from the app again and it was still low and slow. Here's a screen recording of the first refrain; listen starting at 9 seconds: Then I tried it on my home laptop and it works fine, so I have no idea how to troubleshoot on this PC. (Also, less importantly, the second to last measure isn't played: e.g. if you start from the end of verse 3, it'll play the refrain, then skip to the measure AFTER the 5th ending, skipping the measure under the 5 with the full note G. I attach the zipped MP3 (since MP3s can't be uploaded), likely what you'd hear from your app, OK except for the missing final G.) Thanks again.

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The sound I can hear when using the screenrecorder sounds like there is an issue with the sample rate, which I believe can affect both pitch and speed. Maybe try to use a different sample rate? That is something you set/configure in the OS.
Something else worth checking is the buffer size in Preferences->I/O. Maybe increase it to get better sound.

The mp3 sounds similar to what I hear.

Next the less important issue :)

You need to change the last volta, which currently shows 2., to 5 in the repeatlist (and perhaps also good to update the text to match that).

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Thank you on all counts. I totally missed the properties issue (repeat and text), and I no longer have the sample rate problem. I cleaned out / updated sound drivers; since I took a few steps at once, I'm not sure which resolved it, but all seems well now. It's nice to know now that even when there was a problem, the MP3 was OK, and to know about Preferences, I/O, buffer size. Thanks again.

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