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I am trying to create a piece that contains a 16 bar section that is repeated 4 times but on the 4th time through the last 3 bars are different. When I look at the Repeats & Jumps Palette (Musescore 4) I can see 4 Voltas: Prima Volta, Seconda Volta Open, Seconda Volta and Terza Volta. I can set my first set of 16 bars to Terza Volta, but for my last set of 3 bars I thought I would need a Quarta Volta (please forgive my Spanish!) but I can't see one. I tried to use the Terza Volta again and tried to change the number 3 to 4 but M4 won't let me select the text number to edit it. I believe that M3 had an Inspector palette that allowed you to do what I need. How do I do this in M4 please?
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The voltas you find in the palette are editable in the Properties panel. The numbers (and playback order) can be changed to fit as needed. In your case, it appears that you would have the voltas labelled like this:

The important parameters are found in the Properties panel (click on a volta line to select it and view its properties).
For the playback order - the Style tab is where the repeat list 1,2,3 is set for the first volta; 4 is set for the second volta.
For the actual text (i.e., the displayed numbers) - the Text tab is where you type what shows beneath the volta line in the score.

You wrote:
...the 4th time through the last 3 bars are different.

So, to make the volta line span 3 bars you can select the 3 measures and then add the volta from the palette
If you need to span more (or fewer) measures with the volta line, see:…

Here's a sample score with repeat 3 times and then a "Quarta Volta":

EDIT: The measure with the end repeat barline needs to have its 'Play count' set. See:
and #3 here:

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I was able to change the numbers in the Text and Style tabs but I must have been confused with the numbering conventions in these tabs as it didn't behave as I expected it to i.e., it only played upto the start of the first volta, then went straight to the second volta. I have managed to work round it by creating a separate section of two times 16 bars; then another section of one times 16 bars and used two Voltas to create a different set of 3 bars. This works fine.
Many thanks for your help.

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Demonstration in pictures (from MuS 3.x). Similar to MuS 4, look at the properties panel.

  1. 'Play count' in measure properties - set to "4". Right click on the measure with the end repeat barline.
  2. Properties of Volta 1.-3.: Set the 'Repeat list' to "1,2,3". Select the volta.
  3. Properties of volta 4.: Set the 'Repeat list' to "4"

The entry under "Text:" (image 2&3 above) is only for the sheet or musician and has no effect in MuseScore. You can write any meaningful text there.

Edit: If you want to lengthen or shorten the voltage line, do not use the small squares and the mouse, but select a square and use the arrow keys while holding down the Shift key.

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Now that you have read the handbook without understanding how to achieve this, and then seen how to do it from Hilde's explanation, do you have a proposal for how to update the handbook such that you would have been able to understand it directly? What was the part that confused you?

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