Selection Boxes Behaving Badly

• Mar 13, 2024 - 01:34

musescore 4 has a random quirk where the selection blue perimeter has a mind of its own. I've been hoping each new release would cure this inconvenience but I can't even find where anyone else is witnessing this behavior. It's elusive inasmuch that it is inconsistent in its bad form.
Has anyone else seem this?


Did you have Format > Style > Score > Hide empty staves within systems enabled when making those selection examples?

Hidden staves do affect the behaviour of selection keystrokes.

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No, I use that feature only for the piano chart if there are measures with no left hand. The visible blue box responds normally most of the time and shows the measure(s) I selected then other times it is a random blue box. Bit concerning but the software always knows what is selected even thought the blue box doesn't.

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If you press bracket a few times, did it get wider and wider, and then the selection is only within the one measure?

I was modifying a score on a windows 10 with MS 4.2.1, and when the box selected areas outside the measure, I was able to just widen the meadure a few times and get the selection to work properly. We may have different issues.

Apparently I didn't adequately describe the selection behavior. I want to select a single measure, or several measures, but the blue box will select a column with no top or bottom, or a rectangle above or below the measure, or a random starting point with no end in sight. The software will respond to the measure(s) I selected but the blue box visual will be random.

I've seen it as well (windows 11). A little annoying when selecting music for copying. You don't really know what's being copied but MuseScore apparently does.

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