Why has the musecore.org site become so slow?

• Mar 12, 2024 - 14:53

It has become not unusual to wait for a page to load for 8 or more seconds. It makes me much less willing to help in the forums.

No other site takes anywhere near that long.


I was just about to ask the same question. I usually start in the German section (https://musescore.org/de/forum), which usually comes quickly (but not today) and the English-language forum section, which is displayed at the bottom of the page, then has an additional waiting time.

Whatever the reason may be, I don't know. Seems to be a server problem, if it's the same from Canada ...

At first I thought it was my VPN but pings to Google, BBC, CNN, for instance, are fast and other sites are OK. For the forum, I now open about ten tabs for different posts and by the time I read the first one the next one has usually got around to loading,

I have complained three times to support@musescore.com about the poor response times on musescore.org

The only reply so far was hilarious:
"Kindly note that the best way to escalate the issue regarding musescore.org is by reporting it on the forum.
As MuseScore.org and MuseScore.com are different products, our email support is focused on the MuseScore.com products. Hope for your understanding."

More in hope than in expectation, I then patiently explained (again) why nobody on the .org user forums can deal with this problem!

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