Can’t download transposed piece

• Mar 11, 2024 - 10:55

Transposed the sheet music I need but it saves and downloads only in original key. How to save piece in a transposed key?


a) Install MuseScore on your own computer. from the Download page:
b) Download the score "as is" to your computer
c) Open the downloaded score in MuseScore
d) Use the menu option Tools > Transpose... to get your chosen transposition
e) Save the transposed score with a new name
f) Generate a PDF if you need one with menu option File > Export... > Format: PDF file

I have the same problem, even with works outside of copyright protection. Also, when I want to open an external file in Musescore, there is nothing to select, no "open recent", that would allow me to use the file selector box. I am working on OSX.

When changing the setting from landscape to portrait the preview doesn't reflect that. There should be a button for saving settings.

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